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Gloucester St
Stroud GL5 1QG

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My name is Sam, I live in room 8 of Painswick Inn house, part of Openhouse. I have lived in different supported housing over the past 3 years.  As much as they helped me they never actually interacted with me quite as much as Openhouse because they never actually made me sort out my drug problem they told me to go to the independent trust but never took me there as my key worker here at Openhouse did, and continues to do so with any other appointments I have which is helpful because I am very forgetful and the motivation helps a lot.

OPENhouse is the trading name of Shire Training Workshops Ltd. Registered address: British School, Slad road, Stroud GL5 1QW.
Company number: 1429772  |  Registered Charity number: 285834
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