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I arrived at OPENhouse in the September 2010 and moved into room 9 living in the house with 9 other people sharing communal areas such as the kitchens and bathroom.  I was at Gloucester College studying performing arts, which was very hard as travelling from Stroud to Gloucester even though the tutor would not often turn up, but my support worker encouraged me to keep going when I wanted to quit and I did finish the course.

I was supported to make friends with other residents through attending meeting and other activities such as cooking and fun evening on the Wii and the odd trip to the bowling ally and through this I have made some good friends and knowing that the staff were always willing to help at any time made me feel welcome and supported.

I was in a band but this was not a good place for me as I was doing all of the creative work and the others were only in it for the glory and the girls!  This came to an end leaving me looking for other interests.  Myself and another resident got together a five a side football team although we did not play in a league we had training and this was good fun and a bit sad as it never took off, but we may try again if we can get any interest.

I moved on to Delmont’s lot into a flat provided by OPENhouse which I did not have to share with any one else giving me more freedom and the ability for my long term girlfriend to stay over night more often. 

At this point in my life things started to look very good as I landed an acting role which was to last 3 months which took me around the county performing for the Fair Game theatre company who in the past have had links with the young people at OPENhouse doing creative things in music and acting.  The play was based on the Arabian knights and it finished in Stroud on Christmas Eve in 2011.

I am currently auditioning for drama schools and I have now got an agent who has links with the BBC and has had people perform in shows suck as Casualty and Merlin.  This came about as he saw me perform before Christmas and he would be looking for extras in casualty which is now filming in Cardiff.

I am thankful for the support I have been given at OPENhouse and I am now very ready for the next step which could be a move on to drama school or if this does not happen, a move to my own independent flat without support.

OPENhouse is the trading name of Shire Training Workshops Ltd. Registered address: British School, Slad road, Stroud GL5 1QW.
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